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Participating in a Clinical Research Study is Easy

Participating is Easy!

Potential Patient Pathway

For those interested, we make it easy to get started and verify eligibility.


At this stage, we address the specific inclusion/exclusion criteria for the study and other suitability issues. A telephone interview may also be required for qualification.


At this stage, you will receive a study consent form (ICF). You will meet the physicians and clinical coordinator. A physical evaluation and review of your medical history is often required. A waiting phase may also be required.


Once we qualify you, treatments will begin, and you will also be randomly assigned to receive one of several clinical interventions that could be placebo. You and your doctor may not know what you are getting.

Treatment Period

During the treatment period, we will be monitoring your progress and adverse event assets. Depending on the study, follow-up visits, laboratories and electrocardiograms may be required or needed.

Final Phase / Final Treatment

When your testing is complete, you will have a final required safety visit, plus labs, physical assessments and adverse events attached.

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